Coppola Potatoes: potatoes for all tastes

The success of our potatoes is a true confirmation of our ability to combine tradition and modernity, responding promptly to customers’ requests and needs. We work in full compliance with safety and environmental standards, continuously innovating in the technologies of production and processing of the product, preserving its authenticity. We know the market and consumers very well and this allows us to offer the right product to families, singles and experts in the catering sector, while also fully satisfying the needs of renowned international chefs.

Zero Residue


Fried Selection

Yellow Potato

Red Potatoes


  • How can I become a reseller?

    Write to us at info@coppolapatate.it or use the form on the contact page. Our staff will answer you with all the necessary information.

  • Why choose Coppola potatoes?

    Coppola srl has always taken care of the freshness and authenticity of its products, ensuring superior quality potatoes and GMO FREE!

  • Are all potatoes the same?

    Obviously not! Each type of potato is indicated for a particular use. There are those suitable for cooking in the oven, those for mashed potatoes and fries. See the cards of our products to know which type is suitable for your needs!

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