Attention to the environment: protection of flora and fauna

No toxins.

For our crops we limit the use of fungicides and other products that can harm the health of consumers and the environment to a minimum.

No waste.

We reuse 80% of the water used for washing our products and all waste is used for animal feed.

Our strengths.

Focus on taste!

All our varieties of potatoes are tested in the kitchen, in different types of cooking, in order to always provide an excellent quality product.


We only work with producers who observe certain rules of potato cultivation and who limit treatments to a minimum, in order to obtain the maximum authenticity in full respect of the environment.

Traceability from field to table.

Our potatoes are tracked all the way from the producer’s field to the consumer’s table. Through labelling we are able to trace them back to the producer and the field where they were grown at all times.

Torna Su
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