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Fornatine are ideal potatoes for baking and which, when prepared following some small tips, have the same taste and texture as fried potatoes. Fornatine are obtained from a single variety of potatoes grown in a given territory. It is a region with land that offers specific characteristics and that allows us to have a optimal end product for oven-baking. Fornatine is a product that fully reflects the needs of consumers who are attentive to the quality of the products they eat, and are the result of 12 months of tests in the kitchen on many varieties of potatoes to discover the best type of all.

Mauro Improta – CHEF

The tests have been conducted month by month in collaboration with the chef Mauro Improta, our spokesperson and chef on the well-known cooking show “La Prova del Cuoco” on RAI1. We are working on launching new products with improvements in terms of taste and authenticity.


Would you like to achieve oven-baked potatoes that are as tasty and crispy as chips?

Follow the recipe with Fornatine!

Torna Su
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