Taste, Genuineness and Traceability.

"The roots of our potatoes are as deep as our history. They are born from the love of a lifetime dedicated to producing the very best."


Our company has been processing and selling potatoes in bulk for over fifty years.

Passion, innovation and our experience in the sector allow us to select and offer a product that maintains high quality standards all year round.

We have a product processing plant which is unique in Italy, the result of both our personal experience and technologies imported from abroad.

We make use of producers both in Italy and abroad, with whom we work permanently to ensure the quality and full traceability of our potatoes. We follow the product from sowing to harvest, right through to sale.

In addition, about 60% of our potatoes are certified Global Gap at origin. This is a protocol created by the European authorities in order to respond to the growing need for food safety and respect for the environment.

Our mission is to provide a product of the highest quality. This is a wholesome and authentic product that satisfies our customers and consumers, and gives them the opportunity to take up a healthy lifestyle through a culture of eating healthily and well.

Torna Su
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