Vegan “honey” made from sweet potatoes


Vegan “honey” made from sweet potatoes

Their taste is a mixture of potatoes and pumpkin: a unique product of its kind, “honey” made from sweet potatoes!

This is a truly original product, the result of the work by the Californian company D’vash, based in Los Angeles, which produces several types of vegan sweeteners including precisely the one made from patate dolciwhich have a taste halfway between “normal” potatoes and pumpkin and are very rich in sugar.

A true “jewel” in the company’s crown, it is one-of-a-kind: a vegan sweetener made, according to the company, without colouring or preservatives, based exclusively on organic sweet potatoes. It is also used widely in the kitchen, not only as a sugar substitute in drinks such as tea or coffee, but also in the preparation of sweets and savoury recipes of oriental inspiration.

“Sweet potatoes are among the healthiest vegetables and are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin Cwhich makes this sweetener the perfect alternative to any other sugar or honey, not to mention naturally delicious!” “Sweet potato honey” is not the only 100% vegetable alternative to honey produced by bees: sostituire lo zucchero biancois quite easy, thanks to numerous products (easily available in supermarkets and organic and natural food stores) which are rich in beneficial nutrients and obtained without any animal exploitation.


Torna Su
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